Justice League

Release Date: 16 November 2017


Night Crawler 

One of the main projects I headed up for the SFX department was the structural and engineering design of the Night Crawler, dubbed the batmobile on legs in our depatment. we used many interesting and clever techniques to bring this fantastic piece together in, most of which I cannot disclose, however what I can tell you is this thing was designed from the ground up to go into battle. A T45 full space frame construction clad with composite panels made for a light weight tough machine. 



The Flying Fox (Bat Jet) 

By far the hardest, and most fun project I have ever undertaken. But first I want to make clear, this was not a lone effort in bringing Patrick Tatopoulos's vision to life for this movie, I was surrounded by talented fabricators, fitters and all round hard working ladies and gents. Not to mention an incredible art director. We worked long, hard hours on this both in the design office and on the floor, whether I was engrossed in the design stage, sourcing parts, performing structural checks, fitting parts, leasing with the team, or simply getting a round of T's and Coffees in to keep the guys fueled up this project presented many many challenges for a fledgling design engineer like myself but we got there and above all else, It looked great on screen.

the 23.5m x 9m x 8m fuselage with actuated doors, removable cocpit and float out panels for camera and rigging access was designed and constructed from numerous aluminium ribs waterjet profiled and dovetailed together before being welded up into 24 individual monocoque that sat on the steel latices uprights with an incorporated mezzanine floor and space to load the batmobile itself the Flying Fox really was a sight to see when it lay up on set.